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What is in Ethiopia?

The Ark of the Covenant is believed to have been brought to Ethiopia with Minilik I, the beloved son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba, and may still be in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s national epic, The Kebra Nagast, was not the first or only work to claim that the ark had been taken to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia possesses some of the most sacred and treasured religious relics and monuments in the world. Some relics are said to be original objects from Solomon’s Temple. The Ethiopians have shown their devotion to God by carving church buildings and monasteries out of solid rock.

A distinct ancient Jewish Culture in exist in Ethiopia. Beta Israel, also known as Ethiopian Jews, have lived for centuries in Ethiopia. Some trace their heritage back to the entourage King Solomon sent back to Ethiopia with his son Menelik I when Melelik I journeyed from Ethiopia to visit him. Many more trace their heritage back to the Tribe of Dan. Some report that their Danite origins go back

What others have said about Ethiopia?

Herodotus (485-424BC) said “Ethiopians are “…taller, more handsome and longer-lived than anywhere else.” Herodotus also makes mention of a “fountain” in Ethiopia, of which their constant use of its water made them so long-lived.

The Prophet Mohammed, who as an infant was nursed by an Ethiopian, said Ethiopia is “A country wherein no one is wronged, a land of righteousness.” According to Islamic tradition, some members of Mohammed’s family and some of his early converts had taken refuge with the Ethiopians during the troubled years preceding the prophet’s rise, and Ethiopia was exempted from the Jihad, or holy war, as a result.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church reports that Christianity first reached Ethiopia in the first century at the time of the Apostles. Most historians agree that Christianity became the official state religion at the beginning of the fourth century under King Ezana, making Ethiopia one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world.

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What comes from Ethiopia?

During the last 40 years, some extraordinary prehistoric finds have been unearthed in this region (ex. Lucy -Australopithecus), which is part of the Great Rift Valley, earning Ethiopia the prestigious title of the “Cradle of Humanity.”

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